Since 2022, the Meridian Library District has been digitizing Meridian historical collections in an effort to preserve, document, and make available the history and culture of the area. You can browse the library's digital collections using this platform.

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Dairy Days Collection photograph
Dairy Days Collection

The annual Dairy Days show celebrates Meridian's rich history as a dairy town. This is a collection of snapshots from the Dairy Days parade in 1950.

Girl Graduate Album photograph
Girl Graduate Album

This scrapbook chronicles the senior year of Meridian High School graduate, Ardath Lillian Caldwell. The collection documents milestones in Caldwell's life in the early 1920s.

Mayes Gray Collection photograph
Mayes Gray Collection

The Mayes and Gray families are among the early settlers of Meridian, Idaho. The images in this digital collection range from 1890 to 1980 and are a wonderful snapshot into Meridian's past.

Meridian Occident Club Collection photograph
Meridian Occident Club Collection

The Occident Club was a community service organization serving Meridian, Idaho from 1924-1996. Their longest lasting legacy is the creation of a Meridian Public Library. This collection contains digital scans of monthly club minutes, yearbooks, and photos.

Meridian Police Department photograph
Meridian Police Department

The Meridian Police Department collection looks at the history of law enforcement in Meridian and their contributions to the community over the years. The collection ranges from 1903 to current and includes an overview of Meridian marshal and police chiefs, development of community programs such as Police Activities League (PALs) and Citizens on Patrol, the opening of the K9 facility in 2006, and a special contribution of digital images from the Chief Gene Hiner scrapbook that was donated to the Meridian Police Department from his family.

Pine Street School & Meridian Elementary photograph
Pine Street School & Meridian Elementary

The Pine Street School collection contains photos and documents pertaining to the history and historical renovation of the Pine Street School, as well as some materials from the nearby, and institutionally connected, Meridian Elementary School.

Willett Family Photo Album photograph
Willett Family Photo Album

The Willett Family traveled from Bridgewater, Massachusetts to Meridian, Idaho in 1921 to visit their daughter. This photograph collection documents their six-week cross-country journey in an auto bungalow.